AZ and BAM agree stadium roof deal

AZ and BAM agree stadium roof deal

Published on 09 juni 20, 11:54

ALKMAAR- AZ and BAM Bouw en Techniek have agreed a deal for the new stadium roof of the AFAS Stadion. Preparatory work has started already.

The new roof - a design by ZJA - will be four meters longer facing the field, which will provide fans more comfort when it's a rainy day. The current lighting will be replaced by sustainable LED-lighting in the roof. BAM will provide the work together with ASK Romein, specialised in steel construction. During the first half of upcoming season there will be activities performed in the stadium due to temporary facilities: AZ will be able to play games.

Eenhoorn: 'Step onwards'
"This agreement means the plans for the new roof will be finalized as well now", says CEO Robert Eenhoorn. "As a club we, although we're going trough tough times, are stepping forward. We're providing our fans a safe, comfortable and innovative stadium."

Moleman: 'Ambitions'

"We're ready to start now", says Eric Moleman, CEO of BAM Bouw en Techniek. "The preperations are made and within a few weeks we wil start with the foundations. We're extremely proud of the fact that we're able to provide our knowledge and experience to build the new roof and meet the ambitions of AZ."

CEO Robert Eenhoorn (AZ) and CEO Eric Moleman (BAM)

Experienced stadiumbuilder
BAM has national and international experience in building stadiums. In The Netherlands, BAM had been involved with the Johan Cruyff ArenA, the PSV-stadium, Euroborg, Gelredome en De Kuip. In Germany BAM build stadiums in Berlin, Mainz, Karlsruhe, Dresden and Stuttgart. And the Johannesburg Socces City, stadium in South Africa where the world cup final of 2010 was played.

AZ will be updating the website regularly about the progress of the stadium.