AZ can't score against Excelsior

Published on 07 december 11, 00:00
ROTTERDAM- AZ have lost valuable points on Wednesday against Excelsior. In the remainder of the earlier suspended match Gertjan Verbeek’s team did not manage to score.  AZ still lead the Eredivisie with four points ahead of runner-up PSV.

The same 22 players started in the second half as they did in the first half on November 20th. Back then thick fog was spoilsport, this time the wind was a tough opponent.

Excelsior got small opportunities through Mick van Buren and Roland Alberg, who found AZ goalkeeper Esteban on their path. AZ had troubles breaking the tight Excelsior defense. Closest was Brett Holman who saw a hammering shot saved by Excelsior goalkeeper Wesley de Ruiter. Adam Maher, Jozy Altidore and Johann Berg Gudmundsson saw their efforts go wide.

After the 5-1 defeat against sc Heerenveen this was the second disappointing result for AZ within a week. Nevertheless AZ still lead the Eredivisie with four points ahead of runner-up PSV.


Excelsior – AZ 0-0

Lineup Excelsior: Wesley de Ruiter; Edwin de Graaf, Daan Smith, Norichio Nieveld, Samuel Scheimann; Kevin Jansen, Roland Alberg, Niels Vorthoren (89. Jurgen Mattheij), Joost Broerse; Mick van Buren (78. Darren Maatsen), Leen van Steensel.
Lineup AZ: Esteban; Etiënne Reijnen, Niklas Moisander (78. Charlison Benschop), Nick Viergever, Simon Poulsen; Pontus Wernbloom, Rasmus Elm, Adam Maher (84. Johann Berg Gudmundsson); Roy Beerens, Jozy Altidore, Brett Holman.

Goals: -
Bookings: De Graaf (Excelsior), Moisander (AZ)

Sent-off: -
Referee: Kevin Blom.
Attendance: 3.500