AZ excited to welcome Beane as club advisor

Published on 17 maart 15, 21:30

ALKMAAR- AZ has confirmed that baseball legend Billy Beane (52) has taken up an official advisor role at AZ Alkmaar. The General Manager of the Major League Baseball Oakland Athletics is going to give AZ advice in the areas of high performance and innovation.

Nearly two decades ago Beane surprised the baseball community, as the General Manager of the Oakland A’s, by beating the big market clubs on a regular base. A notable accomplishment when looking at all the budgets of the 30 Major League Baseball clubs. Although having the 24th budget in the League, the A's have found a way to win more games in the American League than any other team in the last three years. Beane was chosen as one of the ten most influential and best executives in all sports.

Stewart: 'Ideas are impressive'
"We've had a lot of contact with Billy In the last few months", says AZ's Director of Soccer Earnest Stewart. "His knowledge and ideas are impressive. Also Billy's soccer network is excellent. We have already noticed that Billy thinks two steps ahead in the area of innovation. That's what really connects with the ambitions of AZ."

Eenhoorn: 'Innovative to close the gap'
"AZ was already very interested in the Moneyball principle before I got here", AZ's General Director Robert Eenhoorn reacts. "I have known Billy for a while, because of my history in baseball. When we approached him for this role with AZ, he was immediately enthusiastic. He has been able to close the gap with the big market teams, by being innovative. We are very excited and look forward to work with him. Billy will give his advice from the States and he will visit Alkmaar a few times a year."

Beane: 'An attractive pursuit'
Beane: "I am truly excited for the opportunity to be part of AZ Alkmaar in an advisory role. Despite being a great football club with a storied history, they face many of the challenges we have with the Oakland A's. My love for football and AZ's vision of the future of the club made this an attractive pursuit."