AZ wins against Excelsior

Published on 05 maart 18, 14:49
ROTTERDAM- AZ carried on with their excellent form last Saturday against Excelsior: 2-1. The away match in Rotterdam is usually a tough nut to crack but the formation of manager John van de Brom quickly took the lead. Alireza Jahanbakhsh penetrated the box from the right side in the twentieth minute when his attempt deflected in via Excelsiors’ goalkeepers’ foot. Jahanbakhsh scored the 2-0 right before half-time. The Iranian international entered the penalty area in a similar fashion as with the first goal, but now concluded with a more convincing finish. Excelsior did something back in the 64th minute, but that was not enough. Because of this victory, AZ is now unbeaten for twelve games in succession.

Excelsior - AZ: 1-2


Line-up Excelsior: Theo Zwarthoed, Khalid Karami, Jurgen Mattheij, Wouter Faes (83. Anouar Hadouir), Jeffry Fortes; Ryan Koolwijk, Ali Messaoud, Hicham Faik; Stanley Elbers (59. Levi Garcia), Mike van Duinen, Luigi Bruins.
Line-up AZ: Marco Bizot; Jonas Svensson, Pantelis Hatzidiakos, Stijn Wuytens, Thomas Ouwejan; Fredrik Midtsjø, Guus Til, Teun Koopmeiners; Alireza Jahanbakhsh (89. Joris van Overeem), Wout Weghorst, Oussama Idrissi (59. Mats Seuntjens).

Goals: 20. Zwarthoed 0-1 (OG), 45. Jahanbakhsh 0-2, 64. Messaoud 1-2.
Bookings: Koolwijk, Bruins (Excelsior), Svensson (AZ)
Referee: Pol van Boekel
Attendance: 4.218

Foto's: Ed van de Pol /