Supporter Sunday: AZ fan from France

Published on 03 januari 21, 08:43

ALKMAAR- In a special website section called Supporter Sunday, we interview AZ supporters from abroad. In this edition: Robin Bourdon (15), from France. “I watched AZ - Ajax over at my friend’s house and fell in love with the AZ logo.”

The distance between his hometown of Strasbourg in France and the AFAS Stadium is approximately 500 kilometers, which takes seven hours by car.

In love with the logo
French Robin fell in love with AZ in quite a special way: “Seven years ago, my mother, my little brother and I were invited over at a friend’s house, to watch AZ - Ajax. He is an Ajax supporter, but I had never heard of both clubs. As soon as I saw the AZ logo, I loved it so much. In the end, we won that match as well, and I have been following AZ ever since.”

Style of play
“The thing I love most about AZ, is the attacking style of playing”, he tells us. “Going full out and giving 100%, every game. It’s that intensity that makes it fun to watch AZ games.” Furthermore, the youth academy can also count on his approval. “It’s remarkable to see how many quality players come forth out of the academy, and how they adapt so quickly and so well to the first team.”

Picking just one favourite is almost impossible: “Every player is important in his own way, but if I would have to name just one, I would probably pick Myron Boadu. He has something special and many fans love him. Or Teun Koopmeiners, he is the backbone of the team.” Picking his favourite former player is easier: “From the moment I saw Guus Til play for the first time, I have been a fan. His style of playing is amazing.”

FOX Sports account
This season, it’s much easier for Robin to watch AZ live, he tells: “This season, I bought a VPN, with which I can watch Dutch television, and I also took a subscription to FOX Sports. I’m really happy with it, because for the first time ever, I can watch every game live and in decent quality. Before this season, like many foreign AZ supporters probably, I relied on live streams on the internet. That’s far from ideal.”

Visiting a match
“Unfortunately, I have never been able to come to Alkmaar and see a match live. I’m afraid this will not change anytime soon, due to this Covid-19 situation, but it is my biggest dream. As soon as an opportunity comes, I will come to the AFAS Stadium and watch a game live in the stadium.”

“One of my all-time favourite games was the 6-1 victory over VVV-Venlo”, Robin tells. “That was right when I started following AZ, and that really impressed me. Or the victory over Valencia in 2012. That win made me so happy and I felt great pride, in my mind we where already in the finals”, he adds with a smile." 

Robin: “We played more amazing games that year if I remember correctly. Those matches against Udinese were so tense and then that goal by Falkenburg in Italy, I hadn't been that nervous in a long while. But in the end, we did go through.”

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Text: Bas Beerepoot / AZ Media
Photo: Robin Bourdon