AZ triumphs in Waalwijk

Published on 21 augustus 23, 13:33

WAALWIJK - AZ has emerged victorious in their second Eredivisie match of the season as well. After trailing 1-0 at halftime, Pascal Jansen's team turned things around in the second half. Vangelis Pavlidis scored twice, and Dani de Wit added another goal to secure a 1-3 victory.

In comparison to the match against FC Santa Coloma last Thursday, there was one change in the starting lineup. Kenzo Goudmijn started in place of Jordy Clasie. The captain was unavailable due to minor complaints.

Nine minutes into the game, we noted the first chance. Jens Odgaard produced a fine strike, but the ball deflected off an RKC defender's leg and went wide. AZ controlled the game but had to be cautious after thirteen minutes. Denilho Cleonise broke free and found himself one-on-one with Mathew Ryan. The goalkeeper made a great save. Shortly after, Zakaria Bakkali also couldn't beat the Australian goalkeeper. The other goalkeeper, Etienne Vaessen, also made his presence felt. After a splendid attack, the ball reached Vangelis Pavlidis, but he couldn't find the net.

After 36 minutes of play, AZ came very close, but a corner kick from Yukinari Sugawara hit an RKC defender and struck the crossbar. Just before halftime, Alkmaar suffered a setback. The ball hit Dani de Wit's hand, and referee Alex Bos pointed to the spot. Michiel Kramer converted the penalty for RKC's lead. AZ immediately went on the hunt for an equalizer, but Odgaard's header from a Møller Wolfe cross went wide. That was the state of affairs at halftime.

Pascal Jansen made two substitutions at halftime. Ernest Poku and Mayckel Lahdo entered the field. It turned out to be a good move by the coach. Poku was alert and won the ball from an RKC defender in the 54th minute. He set up Pavlidis, who found the net through a defender's leg to equalize. With an hour on the clock, AZ completed the comeback. This time, Pavlidis provided the assist, and Dani de Wit slotted home from close range for a 1-2 lead!

The day would become even better for AZ. Once again, the combination of Poku and Pavlidis bore fruit. The winger outsmarted his marker, kept his composure, and found Pavlidis in front of the goal. The striker scored his second of the match! In the closing stages, Dave Kwakman was allowed onto the field. For the midfielder, it marked his official debut in AZ 1!

RKC Waalwijk - AZ 1-3 (1-0)


RKC Waalwijk Lineup: Etienne Vaessen; Julian Lelieveld, Juriën Gaari (84. Jeffrey Bruma), Dario van den Buijs, Thierry Lutonda; Zakaria Bakkali (61. Richonell Margaret), Kevin Felida (85. Chris Lokesa), Yassin Oukili (85. Patrick Vroegh), Denliho Cleonise; David Min (61. Michiel Kramer).

AZ Lineup: Mathew Ryan; Yukinari Sugawara, Pantelis Hatzidiakos, Riechedly Bazoer; David Møller Wolfe (84. Denso Kasius); Kenzo Goudmijn (73. Djordje Mihailovic), Sven Mijnans, Dani de Wit (84. Dave Kwakman); Jens Odgaard (46. Ernest Poku), Vangelis Pavlidis, Ruben van Bommel (46. Mayckel Lahdo).

Scoring: 41. Kramer 1-0 (pen.), 54. Pavlidis 1-1, 60. D. De Wit 1-2, 80. Pavlidis 1-3.
Yellow Cards: Kramer, Margaret (RKC), Poku (AZ).
Referee: Alex Bos