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AZ loses the match for the world cup

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BUENOS AIRES - AZ has failed to become world champion. In the match for the world cup, it was 1-1 after ninety minutes, but the home team Boca Juniors claimed the prize after a penalty shootout. Dave Kwakman scored the goal for AZ.

The Intercontinental Cup is a match played between the winners of the Youth League and the Copa Libertadores Under 20. Last year, SL Benfica won the inaugural edition. They faced CA Peñarol in Uruguay.

Twisk's Injury
Around fifteen minutes into the game, Nick Twisk slipped. It was an unfortunate moment for the midfielder who couldn't continue and was replaced by Loek Postma.

Kwakman's Fantastic Shot
Just before halftime, AZ had two dangerous moments. First, Ernest Poku broke away on the left side. He made a brilliant run but failed to finish it with a goal. However, the goal came a little later. Wouter Goes received a beautiful pass from Dave Kwakman. Kwakman turned nicely from about twenty meters out and didn't hesitate; he put AZ ahead.