AZ Women lose to Telstar

AZ Women lose to Telstar

Published on 14 oktober 23, 10:15

ZAANSTAD- The AFAS Training Complex was the setting for the North Holland regional derby between AZ Women and Telstar Women on Friday evening. Despite a strong performance by the home team, it was the visitors who ultimately went home with three points thanks to a goal by Jannette van Belen.

The AZ Women were under the leadership of Wouter de Vogel. De Vogel, normally the assistant coach to Mark de Vries, stepped in as the head coach due to a medical reason. We hope for a swift recovery so that he can rejoin the team soon.

Opening Phase
In the opening phase of the match at the AFAS Training Complex, the AZ Women controlled the game in front of a full main stand. They created several opportunities, putting Alkmaar in a dangerous position. For instance, around ten minutes into the game, Karlijn Woons narrowly missed the target with a long-range shot. Shortly after, a shot from Floor Spaan was collected by Telstar's goalkeeper, Kelly Steen.

Close to the Opening Goal
Towards the end of the first half, the AZ Women once again came close to scoring the opening goal. A well-orchestrated attack found its way to Isa Dekker, who delivered a perfect cross to Spaan, who had a free header. However, her header lacked precision and went over the goal. As a result, both teams went into halftime with the score level.

Strong Start to the Second Half
AZ started the second half just as strongly as the first. A few minutes in, the next significant opportunity presented itself for the home team. After a breakthrough, Van Lunteren approached the goal but eventually passed the ball to the advancing Romaissa Boukakar. The latter took the shot but saw it go over the goal. A few moments later, Van Lunteren headed the ball just wide from a corner.

While the goal didn't come on one end of the field, it did at the other end with the first significant chance. Against the run of play, Telstar opened the scoring after an hour of play. Camie Mol attempted to clear Van Belen's tap-in off the line, but referee Ruben Kooy judged that the ball had crossed the line. This gave the visitors a 0-1 lead.

AZ Falls Short
In the remaining part of the game, AZ came very close to equalizing multiple times. Woons saw a beautiful long-range shot just go over the goal, and Dekker failed to reward a well-structured attack with a goal. Keeper Steen made a great save on the attempt by the Alkmaar number eleven. AZ fell short and suffered their first home defeat of the season.

Next Home Game
On Sunday, November 5, the AZ Women will face ADO Den Haag Women at home. The match kicks off at 12:15 on the AFAS Training Complex. Tickets for this game will be available for purchase soon, so stay tuned to our channels for updates!

AZ Women - Telstar Women 0-1 (0-0)
Azerion Women's Eredivisie

AZ Women Lineup: Femke Liefting; Camie Mol (76. Ginia Caprino), Karlijn Woons, Maudy Stoop, Yaël Mollink; Isa Colin (83. Sanne Peereboom), Desiree van Lunteren (63. Veerle van der Most), Manique de Vette (63. Annemiek Kruijthof); Isa Dekker, Floor Spaan (76. Bo op de Weegh), Romaissa Boukakar.

Telstar Women Lineup: Kelly Steen; Nikki Ridder, Kim Remijnse, Felice Hermans, Puck Donker; Chinatsu Kira, Anna van der Vlist, Isa Gomez (70. Elise Meijerink); Isabelle Nottet (61. Sayma Hassani), Jannette van Belen (86. Lune Miedema), Mila Lagcher (61. Lieke Vis).

Goal Scorer: 65. Van Belen (0-1)
Yellow Cards: Mollink, Colin, Woons (AZ). Van Belen (Telstar).
Referee: Ruben Kooy
Number of Spectators: 325

Photos: Orange Pictures