AZ triumphs in a thrilling encounter against Molde FK

AZ triumphs in a thrilling encounter against Molde FK

Published on 07 november 23, 19:00

MOLDE- On Tuesday, AZ won the first leg of the UEFA Youth League doubleheader against Molde FK. In the Aker Stadion, Michael van Zijtveld's team took a 0-2 lead, but saw the opponent level shortly after halftime. AZ then went ahead 2-4 but conceded another goal in injury time, ending the match 3-4. The return leg in three weeks remains wide open.

After a cautiously played opening phase from both sides, AZ managed to break the deadlock in the twentieth minute. Jayden Addai maneuvered past his marker in the penalty area, reached the goal line, and delivered a cross. Left-back Sem Dekkers, who had advanced forward, headed the ball into the net: 0-1.

Effective AZ
Five minutes later, Addai notched the second goal. Set up by Dave Kwakman, Addai found the back of the net: 0-2. AZ displayed remarkable effectiveness, converting their first chances into goals.

Kuijsten's save
On the other end, Molde posed a threat in the 35th minute. After a scramble, Gustav Nyheim took a shot from just over eighteen meters. Goalkeeper Tristan Kuijsten made a stretched save, denying the attempt. The last notable moment of the first half occurred around the fortieth minute when Ro-Zangelo Daal cut inside from the flank and aimed for the far corner, but Hoel Lervik made the save.

Different game
While AZ held a comfortable lead for much of the first half, the second half quickly presented a different scenario. Molde was awarded a penalty in the 47th minute, converted by Gustav Nyheim. Just two minutes later, Nyheim scored again from a corner, making it 2-2.

Despite conceding two goals, AZ quickly recovered. A little over ten minutes after the second conceded goal, it was once again the Alkmaar side that struck. Yoël van den Ban was played free in the box and slotted in the 2-3.

Maintaining control
The visitors continued to press. This resulted in a significant chance for Kees Smit in the 69th minute. The midfielder skillfully turned and took a shot from just over twenty meters, but the goalkeeper made the save. In the 73rd minute, the 2-4 did come. In a counterattack, AZ had plenty of space, allowing Addai to surge forward. The attacker maintained composure and set up Daal for the goal.

In the final stages, there were opportunities for both sides. For the Norwegians, Niklas Ødegård had a dangerous shot that went just wide, while substitute Julian Oerip shot wide on the other end, and Smit saw a shot in the near corner stopped.

Second penalty
In injury time, Molde attempted to force a late comeback and came close. Joeri Oud had to make a goal-line clearance during a scramble. The attacking effort led to a second penalty in injury time. This time, Niklas Ødegård took the shot, resulting in a final score of 3-4.

Return leg
The return leg in the Netherlands is scheduled for Tuesday, November 28th. The match at the AFAS Training Complex will kick off at 17:00.

Molde FK - AZ 3-4 (0-2)

UEFA Youth League

Molde FK Lineup: Hoel Lervik; Oscar Misfjord, Adrian Viken, Filip Kristoffersen, Fredrik Nyheim, Magnus Solheim, Andreas Myklebust, Gustav Nyheim, Niklas Ødegård; Leon Juberg-Hovland, Jonathan Fugelsnes (58. Håkon Dyvik).

AZ Lineup: Tristan Kuijsten; Elijah Dijkstra (78. Jeremiah Esajas), Rayan Atikallah, Joeri Oud, Sem Dekkers; Enoch Mastoras, Kees Smit (78. Julian Oerip), Dave Kwakman; Jayden Addai, Yoël van den Ban (58. Anthony Smits), Ro-Zangelo Daal.

Scored goals: 20. Dekkers 0-1, 25. Addai 0-2, 47. Nyheim 1-2 (pen.), 49. Nyheim 2-2, 57. Van den Ban 2-3, 73. Daal 2-4, 90+2. Ødegård 3-4 (pen.)
Yellow cards: Nyheim (Molde FK), Addai, Dijkstra, Oud (AZ).Referee: Vitālijs Spasjoņņikovs (LAT)

Photo's: Ed van de Pol /